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Independent and 100% Volunteer Since 2009

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Every expense --                                                         

from  rent  to  electricity,  from  books  to  cleaning  supplies,  from  pens  to  paper

                               --  is paid by donations and grants.

----       We are not affiliated with any other Library system.      ----

----  We do not receive monies from the State's Library budget.  ----

Due to the diligence of our volunteers

and monetary support from generous donors,

we are able to offer the same quality of

services, resources, and programs

as the large systems in the state.


Click the "DONATE NOW" button below to make a donation quickly, easily, and safely.

Donations may also be mailed to:


Friends of the Maple Lake Library

P.O. Box 682

Maple Lake, MN 55358


For other ways to help support your Library,

please go to the "Donation Options" and "Volunteer" pages

 We sincerely appreciate your support!