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Independent and 100% Volunteer Since 2009

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--   It isn't every day that a town comes together to establish its own Library   --

This effort is the largest community project
in Maple Lake's history

When the Great River Regional Library System turned down a request in 2006 for a branch library in Maple Lake, local residents would not take "No" for an answer. A group of volunteers created the Friends of the Maple Lake Library organization with a mission of establishing an all-volunteer library in Maple Lake. The request for used books began in 2006 and since that time, hundreds of residents have donated thousands of books.

A book collection and storage area was created in the basement of the Maple Lake Messenger. Jude Vending also provided space to store thousands of books until they could be placed in the library.  More than 27,000 books have been donated to the library effort since 2006 by people throughout the area.

The Maple Lake Chamber of Commerce provided a donation of $8,000 in 2008 that was used to furnish the library. Those funds were set aside after the 1990 Maple Lake Centennial to be donated to a project of lasting value to the community.
The Maple Lake Libraryis that project.

Helen Mooney Ribbon Cutting Ceremony        March 2009 Library Opened

On March 14, 2009, the Maple Lake Library opened to the public during Maple Lake's St. Patrick's Day celebration. Four computers are in place to provide free Internet access. In addition to books, hundreds of donated DVDs, VHS tapes, and audio books line library shelves. In the first six months of library operation, 3,780 patrons were served, 2,404 books and 1,089 DVDs/VHS tapes were checked out, and 1,033 people used our computers.

To date, the library has received over 30,000 donated books. Of those books, more than 14,000 are in circulation for the patrons to check out.  Many of the remaining books go to the Used Book Sale at the Den, a self-service bookstore that sells duplicates or books that are not library quality. The proceeds from the Used Book Sale directly benefit the Maple Lake Library.  Other books are donated to nursing homes, prisons, and other non-profits.

Our success is due to the time, talent, and treasure given by countless members of this community.