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Independent and 100% Volunteer Since 2009

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So many ways to help us!

Not all contributions need to be monetary gifts. The Maple Lake Library can always use your donations of everyday items such as copier paper, printer ink, and packing tape.  We also have great need of new DVDs, large-print books, and audio books.

With lots of people giving small gifts, we can keep our doors open. It's that simple.
Tell your friends an family about these many ways you can support the Maple Lake Library:

This is a great way to commemorate a special event in your life or to memorialize a loved one. Your donation of money will be used to purchase the book or DVD you indicate. A bookplate inside the front cover will tell everyone who checks it out that you cared enough to share your special memory with the patrons of the Maple Lake Library. You can pick up an Adopt-a-Media form at the check-out desk. Call Kath Heffron if you have questions: 612-270-3476.
Wishing Tree
By the front door is a tree with lots of little notes hanging from its branches. This is our "Wishing Tree." You are invited to take off a note and bring it back with your donation item. The notes have ideas for all sorts of useful items we need: staples, toner, movie DVDs, post-it notes, highlighters, and more.

Community Lawn Care

No extra cost to you!  Buy your lawn fertilizer from Buffalo Country Store or use CLC as your lawn care company, and they will donate a portion of the sales to the Maple Lake Library. This is the easiest way to donate AND keep your lawn green! Click here to download the PDF form
October, 2015

The majority of our budget comes from this one fundraiser we produce every year. You can make this event a success by purchasing a dinner ticket, donating a basket for the silent auction, bidding on auction items, and spreading the word to your friends.
Donation Jar
Many businesses in town will have a glass jar with the Maple Lake Library logo on it.  The next time you are shopping and have spare change, please drop it in the donation jar. It all adds up!
Friend of the Library
Want to support the Maple Lake Library, but not sure how you can help? 
Become a Friend! 
Your membership will give you access to meetings, events, voting, committee agendas, and more.  It's a fun group, and we get a lot done!

Media Drop-Off
Do you have books and DVDs which you no longer want? Please donate them to the Maple Lake Library during our open hours.  Criteria for acceptable media:
--  DVDs in original cases
--  Books published 2012 or newer
--  Large-Print Books
--  Audio books on disc

Monetary Donation

Click the button to make a contribution securely and easily
Thank you for your generosity!